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Integrating Sea-Level Rise Science into Coastal Decision-Making: Lessons from the field, Part 2 of 2

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June 16, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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OneNOAA Science Seminar Series

Title: Integrating Sea-Level Rise Science into Coastal Decision-Making: Lessons from the field,
Seminar 2 of 2 (first seminar was on 6/4, 2pm ET)

– Renee Collini, Program Coordinator, Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative/MS-AL Sea Grant/Mississippi State University
– Jill Gamble, Coastal Resilience Specialist, Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant
– Katy Hintzen, Coastal Resilience Specialist ,University of Hawai’I Sea Grant College Program/Hawaiian Islands Sentinel Site Cooperative
– Ian Miller, Coastal Hazards Specialist, Washington Sea Grant
– Lisa Wise, Climate Adaptation Program Manager, UNHY Extension and NH Sea Grant

Sponsor: NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS); coordinator is Tracy.Gill@noaa.gov After the webinar, you can email a request to Tracy for the PDF and/or mp4 recording; they are usually available.

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Abstract: Ensuring that coastal decision-makers are considering the best available sea-level rise (SLR) science in planning and implementation is crucial to the resilience of our coastal communities, cultures, and economies. Though the available information is advancing rapidly, it is difficult for decision-makers to connect disparate research efforts, contextualize new information within existing mental models, and build the fiscal and technical capacity to understand and apply new science and data products. Sea Grant Extension professionals have been working to support the transition of these data and science advancements into a multitude of decision-making arenas. There have been many successes; however, there are still challenges faced by Sea Grant professionals when supporting their local partners that prevent the research being produced from being used to its full potential.

This two-seminar presentation will provide an opportunity for NOAA researchers, data collectors, product developers, and outreach professionals to engage in open dialogue with Sea Grant resilience specialists that are addressing SLR with their local and state partners.

This first seminar (June 4 at 2 pm ET) provides an introduction into what integrating SLR science into decision-making is, how it is happening on the ground, and the required effort and time to be successful. This will include case study examples that cover integrating NOAA SLR science into planning efforts from the City of Honolulu and enhancing the conversation around SLR to be more deliberate from New Hampshire’s Coastal Flood Risk Summary Part II.

This second seminar (June 16 at 2pm ET) covers challenges faced from across the U.S. by coastal resilience specialists and opportunities to collaborate with other NOAA colleagues to overcome these challenges for greater success in SLR extension. The seminar will close with a 15 minute Q&A where participants and presenters can engage and discuss some of the suggested opportunities and challenges.

Bio(s): The speakers represent an experienced and diverse team from multiple regions and coasts including New Hampshire, Georgia, northern Gulf of Mexico, Washington, and Hawai’i. Together they have decades of experience navigating complex and interrelated coastal resilience, hazard, and climate issues.

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(Renee Collini, N.Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative/MS-AL Sea Grant/Mississippi State Univ.; Jill Gamble, Coastal Resilience Specialist, Marine Extension and GA Sea Grant; Katy Hintzen, Coastal Resilience Specialist, Univ. of Hawai’I Sea Grant College Program/Hawaiian Islands Sentinel Site Cooperative;Ian Miller, Coastal Hazards Specialist, WA Sea Grant; andLisa Wise, Climate Adaptation Program Manager, UNHY Extension and NH Sea Grant)



June 16, 2020

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm