Group of scientists at meeting

Academic Partners

North Carolina State University is the lead university for a consortium of academic institutions across the Southeast, bringing together a breadth of expertise and capacity in natural, physical, and social sciences and management of natural and cultural resources.

Working Groups

Consortium Principal Investigators lead Working Groups on a variety of global change topics that draw on their scientific strengths and interests. The Working Groups bring together multi-disciplinary teams of academics, USGS staff, Tribal Nations, representatives from state agencies, other stakeholders, and students to address regionally-relevant emerging issues and to develop syntheses of topics to inform science needs and improve co-production.

Working Groups

Evaluation of Actionable Science

Identify factors that increase the likelihood that joint science and action objectives of actionable science projects are being met. Evaluate factors in select SE CASC-funded projects.
Leads: Paul Armsworth (University of Tennessee), Karen McNeal (Auburn University)

Water Supply and Demand in a Changing Climate

Utilize a stakeholder-scientist partnership to increase the relevance of climate science data and tools at relevant time and space scales to support decision-making in water resource management, planning, and supply operations that is protective of aquatic ecosystems.
Lead: Wendy Graham (University of Florida)