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Adam Hartstone-Rose

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

North Carolina State University

Department of Biological Sciences


Area(s) of Expertise

The morphological effects of climate change and captivity. Masticatory muscle architecture. Primate and carnivore feeding behavior (ingested food sizes), diet (frugivory, folivory, hypercarnivory, durophagy and food mechanical properties), soft-tissue masticatory anatomy (the scaling of muscle weights, physiological cross-sectional areas and fiber lengths as they relate to gape and bite force reconstruction), cranial and dental morphology (correlates of oral health, diets and predictors of masticatory abilities) and paleontology (especially fossil hominins, other primates, and carnivores). The relationship between forelimb muscles and locomotion patterns/postures in primates. The role of informal public science learning sites on engaging students and the public in STEM disciplines.