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Bethany Cutts

Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions and Geospatial Analytics

NC State University

Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management


I plan to continue to seek out opportunities to study urban and rural regions in the context of fostering multifunctional landscapes, or regions in which ecosystem services support sustainability at multiple scales. Crucial to this approach is a concern for how to best recognize and ameliorate historical patterns of marginalization associated with race, income, and gender.

Area(s) of Expertise

My overall research goal is to identify science-driven solutions to enhance the social, economic, and ecological well-being of communities. Toward this goal, I aim to take a problem-centered approach to research, often collaborating with urban planners, ecologists, and engineers. Past projects have used a diverse array of social science research methods, including geospatial models, participatory mapping, qualitative GIS, and complex survey design. Future research will build on experiences using geographic information systems together with social network analysis and innovative public participation methods to explore local and regional sustainability solutions in the context of global change.