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Derek Aday

University Director

Professor and Head, Department of Applied Ecology

NC State University


Area(s) of Expertise

Research in my laboratory group focuses broadly on aspects of aquatic ecology, conservation biology, fishery science, and environmental toxicology. We work at the interface of basic and applied ecology, addressing issues related to conservation and management of game and non-game fish species, invasive species dynamics, population dynamics and community ecology of freshwater and marine fishes, and the impact of aquatic contaminants on fish, wildlife, and human health. In general, our research relies on strong theoretical underpinning and contemporary tools to address current problems and issues in aquatic systems. Recent research has focused on mercury dynamics, ecosystem-level impacts of invasive species in impounded systems, movement patterns and habitat use of fishes in response to environmental stressors, and endocrine disrupting compounds associated with intersex fish.


PhD, NC State University