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Hanqin Tian

Solon & Martha Dixon Professor, Auburn University

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

International Center for Climate and Global Change Research

Auburn University


He currently serves as Director of International Center for Climate and Global Change Research, and Leader for the Climate-Human-Earth System Sciences (CHESS) Cluster at Auburn University. Serving in such capacities has allowed him to develop unique abilities for research leadership, and to establish a strong research partnership and network within the USA and internationally.

Area(s) of Expertise

Dr. Tian’s research interests focus on the understanding, quantification and prediction of how multiple global environmental changes have affected and will affect the structure and functioning of Earth’s ecosystem including its ability in providing people with essential goods and services (food, water and energy). His research has covered a range of topics including studies of human and natural impacts on terrestrial primary productivity, biogeochemical and hydrological cycles in a range of ecosystems across the globe. His research on the global carbon cycle and greenhouse gas emissions is at the leading edge of the field. Dr. Tian’s research has resulted in more than 200 peer-reviewed journal papers, some of which were published in the most prestigious journals including Nature and Science, featured in various media and included in IPCC Assessment Reports and US National Climate Assessment (NCA)