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Jeffrey White

Associate Professor

NC State University

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences


Area(s) of Expertise

I have a broad research palette. My primary interests are based in soil productivity, i.e., the combination of soil fertility and soil chemical and physical properties that affect primary production, predominantly in agro-ecosystems. I have a remote sensing mandate and apply remote and proximate sensing to characterize soil and plant parameters for agriculture and wetland restoration. Predominant among these parameters are soil moisture, soil physical properties, and crop nitrogen status and biomass. Soil incorporation of biochar has been suggested as a means to sequester C, and I study the effects of biochar on crop productivity and soil properties. Finally, I study biosolids, which are sewage sludge treated to meet EPA requirements for land application as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Land application of biosolids is the primary means by which we recycle dietary C and plant nutrients.