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Jennifer Richmond-Bryant

Associate Professor of the Practice

North Carolina State University

Dept. of Forestry & Environmental Resources

Area(s) of Expertise

My research emphasizes the influence of variability in human exposure to air pollution and related implications for interpreting epidemiologic study results. I have studied the transport and dispersion mechanisms leading to spatiotemporal variability in concentrations of particulate matter (PM) and gaseous air pollutants and how such variability influences human exposure estimates. My research has included developing relationships between concentrations and meteorological and traffic variables. I have performed several studies examining air pollution in environmental justice communities and have used my work to explore social justice issues while learning about transport and dispersion in tandem. Although my work on climate issues is limited to co-authorship of the EPA Integrated Science Assessments to support review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for CO, PM, O3, and NO2, I am interested in developing climate-focused research in the future.