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Jordan Kern

Assistant Professor

NC State University

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources


I’m especially interested in developing new, sustainable ways to help people overcome resource constraints and add resiliency in the face of external sources of uncertainty and extreme events (e.g., in weather, climate, markets, technology).

Area(s) of Expertise

I study dynamic natural-human systems in order to: 1) improve understanding of new risks to people and the environment across sectors (e.g., food-energy-water) and scales (e.g., from individual watersheds to the entire west coast of the U.S.); and 2) develop novel approaches for mitigating these vulnerabilities. My research is broadly focused and highly interdisciplinary, bridging electric power systems and water resource systems analysis, environmental science, and finance/economics. I use computational modeling, a bit of operations research, and a wide range of analytical and statistical tools to simulate key interactions at the nexus of these areas and provide assessments of physical, environmental and financial risk. Much of my work is ultimately aimed at supporting real-world decision-making regarding management of/investment in natural resources and critical infrastructure.