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Meredith Martin

Assistant Professor

NC State University

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Area(s) of Expertise

I am an applied forest ecologist and silviculturalist with agrounding in botany and ecological theory. I use the frameworks of theoretical ecology to ask novel questions about species diversity, successional dynamics, shifts in species distributions with climate change, and forest restoration. I also integrate applied questions regarding species growth and regeneration, sustainable yield, and silvicultural management. I have worked in a broad array of forest climates (e.g. temperate, tropical, subtropical, montane) and across a range of resource systems, including urban forests in San Francisco, homegarden agroforestry systems in Sri Lanka, and with wild-harvested NTFPs and timber in Mexico and Peru. My research broadly supports forest conservation through sustainable use and management, and is based on strong, collaborative relationships with local universities, governments and NGOs, and indigenous communities.