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Sid Thakur

Professor and Director Global Health

NC State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

Area(s) of Expertise

The focus of my research program is to fill critical knowledge gaps that exist in the complex chain of events that lead to the development of AMR in bacterial pathogens that affect both animal and human health. My research group work is based on two predominant themes. The first revolves around understanding the phenotypic and genotypic similarity and/or diversity of AMR bacterial strains reported in animals and humans. This involves characterizing and elucidating the mechanisms of AMR at the molecular level, analyzing DNA fingerprint patterns, and determining the risk factors that predispose the animals and humans to infections by these strains. The second theme focuses on using phylogenetics to study the evolution of drug-resistant bacterial strains at the population level. In this, molecular approaches are undertaken to analyze pathogen evolution on an evolutionary scale.