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W. Gregory Cope

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor

NC State University

Department of Applied Ecology


My research in the global change area focuses on the thermal and salinity tolerances of native freshwater mollusks and fish and the adverse impacts of climate change and sea level rise on their habitats, reproduction, and populations.

Area(s) of Expertise

My research strives for a high impact program that delivers objective, science-based information to federal and state natural resource management agencies and to other policy or decision makers for effectively informing conservation, management, and recovery of aquatic species. My research interests within this realm largely focus on imperiled native freshwater mollusks and fish and address aquatic toxicology, ecology, and physiology, as well as the transport, fate, and effects of aquatic pollutants and other human-mediated stressors such as temperature and climate change. This research utilizes sentinel aquatic organisms, biomarkers of exposure, effect, or susceptibility, or alternative toxicological models from which linkages to ecological, environmental and human health are evaluated.