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Science Projects by Science Theme

The SE CASC develops and delivers science-based information to support adaptation decisions by natural and cultural resource managers. In the southeastern United States, our management partners consist primarily of US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and state and Tribal fish and wildlife agencies faced with the impacts of changing climate and land use in the region.

  • SE CASC Science Priority 1 – Improve partner understanding of what climate and land use change processes and associated biophysical stressors will look like on the land and water they manage. [Exposure]
  • SE CASC Science Priority 2 – Improve partner understanding of ecosystem, habitat, and species impacts of climate and land use change, as well as the understanding of how these changes affect resources of specific concern to resource managers. [Impacts]
  • SE CASC Science Priority 3 – Increase partner understanding of, and access to, practical guidance for framing and making smart climate and land use change adaptation decisions. [Adaptation]