Climate Science Centers Converge at the Second State-and-Transition Simulation Modeling Conference

Multiple DOI Climate Science Centers (CSCs) had the opportunity to participate in the Second State-and-Transition Simulation Modeling Conference that took place on September 16-18 in Fort Collins, CO. During the conference, several different science projects from the CSCs were presented and discussed.

Jennifer Costanza, from North Carolina State University, with funding support from the Southeast CSC, presented work on climate and landscape impacts of potential bioenergy production in North Carolina.

Brian Miller, at Colorado State University, with funding from the North Central CSC, described how climate projections, species distribution models, and state-and-transition simulations can be combined to explore future white bark pine habitat in the Greater Yellowstone Area.
And Megan Creutzburg, from Portland State University, summarized a project funded by the Northwest CSC on climate change and management implications for future sage-grouse habitat in southeastern Oregon.
The workshop concluded with a panel on future directions. Jeff Morisette from the North Central CSC served on the panel and highlighted how State and Transition Simulation Modeling can provide a community framework for quantitatively integrating climate change, ecological models, and management scenarios.
The CSCs look forward to opportunities such as this where they can join together to collaborate with partners and exemplify both the similarities and differences among the eight CSC regions.
Proceedings from the workshop will be published in early 2015.