Jun 25, 2020

Global Change Fellow Investigates Insect and Bird Abundance in Urban Forests vs. Street Trees

Fall 2017 & 2016-2017 Global Change Fellow, Larry Long was recently featured by The Wildlife Society in an interview exploring a paper of which he was the lead author, Risk of bird predation and defoliating insect abundance are greater in […]

Jun 24, 2020

Researchers Investigate Couplings Between Human and Natural Systems

Last year at the joint conference of The Wildlife Society and American Fisheries Society, a group of fisheries and wildlife researchers from an assortment of universities collaborated to explore the interconnectedness of humans and the natural world that surrounds them. […]

Jun 16, 2020

The U.S. Geological Survey Uses Global Climate Models to Inform Resource Managers about Risk Management

SE CASC Research Ecologist, Adam Terando is lead author and SE CASC Acting USGS Director, David Reidmiller is a co-author of the new USGS publication, Using Information From Global Climate Models to Inform Policymaking—The Role of the U.S. Geological Survey. […]

Jun 15, 2020

North Carolina Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan

The North Carolina Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan is a comprehensive framework informed by scientists and stakeholders that intends to guide state action, engage policy-makers and stakeholders, and facilitate collaboration across the state of North Carolina. USGS Research Ecologist, […]

Jun 8, 2020

June 18: Spring/Summer Science Series Presentation on Southeastern Grasslands Science

Join us on June 18th at 10am ET for the third presentation in our SE CASC & South Atlantic Spring/ Summer Science Series. The Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center and the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint Team have collaborated to present […]

May 19, 2020

New Publication and Data Release: Land Use Change and Water Demand Projections for Southeast

2015 – 2016 Global Change Fellow, Georgina Sanchez, USGS Research Ecologist, Adam Terando, SE CASC Faculty Affiliate, Ross Meentemeyer, and others authored a recent SE CASC supported publication, “Forecasting water demand across a rapidly urbanizing region,” in the journal Science […]

May 13, 2020

Join Us for the Second Webinar in Our Spring/Summer Science Series

The Southeast CASC and the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint team have teamed up to present the SE CASC South Atlantic Spring/Summer Science Series. We hope you will join us as we highlight some of the SE CASC funded science projects […]

May 5, 2020

Hurricane Projections and Climate Change

2020 Hurricane Forecast Researchers in the Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Science at North Carolina State University are forecasting that the Atlantic hurricane season, which begins on June 1st and continues through November 30th, is going to be more […]

Apr 29, 2020

New Fish and Climate Change Database Informs Freshwater Fisheries Management

2018-2019 Global Change Fellow, Bonnie Myers, and SE CASC Faculty Affiliate, Thomas Kwak, in collaboration with a group of researchers at the National Climate Adaptation Science Center, USGS Cooperative Research Units, and other partners, created a public, searchable database that […]

Apr 22, 2020

Celebrating Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day! 50 years ago today on April 22, 1970, 20 million American citizens joined together to celebrate the first Earth Day. This began as a “teach in” on college campuses organized by Senator Gaylord Nelson and graduate student, […]