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January 25 3:30 pm Panel Discussion: Climate Justice, Why Climate Change is More Than Just an Environmental Issue

Join the SE CSC Global Change Fellows in a conversation about climate justice perspectives and research from NC State faculty and graduate students.

We will explore the differential effects of climate change and the ability of populations to mitigate and adapt to the negative consequences of climate change. Is there a moral obligation to assist communities that have not been part of the climate mitigation conversation? How have communities been resilient in the past, and what adaptive resources should our institutions deploy? What ethical and social issues will be exacerbated by climate change? We invite you to listen, discuss, and explore these questions and more with our expert panel, as well as come with any questions or points of discussion that you would like to see a part of the conversation.

Featured panelists:

Caren Cooper
Bethany Cutts
Ryan Emanuel
Matthew Jurjonas
Louie Rivers III
Listen in remotely by connecting via this WebEx link: Join the meeting
Meeting number and access code are both 997 845 790. Contact if you have questions.