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July 20, 11am ET: SE CASC Science Seminar Highlighting Case Studies of Ecosystem Services Mapping in the Southeast

This summer, the SE CASC is hosting a virtual science seminar series highlighting SE CASC supported projects supporting resource management actions across the Southeast. Each month a SE CASC researcher will provide an overview of their work and the management implications of their research findings. Learn more about the SE CASC Summer Science Seminar Series here.

Case Studies of Ecosystem Services Mapping in the Southeast
SE CASC Consortium University Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars
July 20 | 11AM ET
View a recording of the seminar.

Webinar Overview:
Students and postdocs from Consortium universities of the Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center – North Carolina State University, Auburn University, Duke University, University of Florida, and University of Tennessee – developed case studies utilizing ecosystem services mapping to address issues of relevance to different resource managers and stakeholders in the Southeast. In this webinar, project teams will showcase their work and products using a lightning presentation format.
Presentations include:

  • Ecosystem Services and Dis-services from Sea Level Rise-driven Forested Wetland Transition – Melinda Martinez, NC State University
  • The Ecosystem Services of Greenspaces: Locating Highly Suitable Communities in Alabama, United States​ – Mason Pitre, Auburn University
  • Building Social Equity into Floodplain Buyouts – Sarah Lipuma, Duke University
  • Impacts of Urban Development on Aquifer Ecosystem Services – Shirley Tandoh, University of Florida
  • Investigating Associations Between Social Vulnerability and Environmental Quality in the Southeastern United States – Sarah Love, University of Tennessee
forested stream
North Fork Edisto River, South Carolina
Image Credit: Alan Cressler