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SE CASC Participation in the 2022 National Adaptation Forum

SE CASC staff and researchers recently participated in the National Adaptation Forum in Baltimore, where they presented on SE CASC supported projects and initiatives. The Southeast CASC was able to connect with many students, researchers, and practitioners across partner organizations and the national CASC network.

The goal of the forum is to:

  1. Provide a professional development opportunity for adaptation practitioners
  2. Contribute to the development of a community of practice around climate adaptation
  3. Create a space for practitioners to share information, progress, and strategy, building the capacity of the community as a whole and the individual
  4. Support on the ground implementation by providing practitioners with a community  to exchange knowledge of and tools for incorporating climate adaptation into their work.

SE CASC Science Coordinator Jennifer Cartwright, USGS Research Ecologist Ken Krauss, and SE CASC Assistant Tribal Climate Science Liaison Steph Courtney presented during the Approaches to Co-Producing Science for Natural Resource Adaptation symposium.

Cartwright presented “Climate Adaptation for Southeastern Grasslands” as part of the SE CASC project, Understanding Impacts on Southeastern Grasslands from Climate Change, Urban Expansion, and Invasive Species. The project hopes to improve conservation and management of grassland species.

Krauss presented “Management of Mangrove Ecosystems Undergoing Sea-Level Rise” as part of the SE CASC project, Science to Inform the Management of Mangrove Ecosystems Undergoing Sea Level Rise at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island, Florida. View a SE CASC Science Seminar summarizing results from the project here.

Courtney presented “Research Evaluation for Better Climate Adaptation” as part of the SE CASC working group, Best Practices for Project Design: Effectively Addressing Natural Resource Management Needs.

SE CASC Assistant University Director Cari Furiness presented during the Innovative Communications to Improve Natural Resource Adaptation to Climate Change symposium. Furiness, along with Ulyana Horodyskyi Peña (NC CASC) presented “Science Storytelling: Engaging Partners Through Video.” Furiness focused especially on efforts by SE CASC Global Change Fellows to develop videos and podcasts with the goal to make SE CASC science and that of other researchers accessible to other audiences, especially our management partners.