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October 24, 3:30PM ET Global Change Seminar – Translation of Science: From Research to Application and Adaptation

Join us for a virtual Global Change Seminar organized by the Southeast CASC Global Change Fellows.

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Translation of Science: From Research to Application and Adaptation
October 24, 2023 | 3:30PM ET
View recording here.

How can we effectively translate scientific research to applications in the physical world? This seminar explores the post-publication space that bridges between experimental findings and tangible, real-world impacts.

Join us as we invite a panel of experts to discuss their experiences putting research into practice in their respective fields.

About the speakers:
Dr. Timothy Glotfelty is a research scholar at the North Carolina State Climate Office whose work surrounds global climate models and regional climate and policy initiatives.

Dr. Elizabeth Sciaudone is a former research assistant professor at the NC State Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, and currently works at Moffatt & Nichol as a coastal engineer.

Jeffrey Beane is the herpetology collections manager at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, focused on research projects surrounding the conservation of reptiles and amphibians in the Carolina Bays.