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Justine Neville

Graduate Student | Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources | North Carolina State University

2020 – 2021 Global Change Fellow

Where are they now?

Justine is a Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow at the USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center.

Statement of purpose:

Water is a substance that impacts all life on Earth. There is much research that has come out in the last few decades regarding the sustainability of our water resources and how climate change further stresses these resources. I am interested in understanding how coastal water resources will change as saltwater pushes further inland in a process called saltwater intrusion. This particular topic within ecohydrology is of significant interest to me because of it’s far reaching impacts which can be ecological, chemical, and social in nature. Through research and collaboration, I hope to better understand: how water resources will change in the future, and how as humans we can better manage our resources such that the remainder of the planet doesn’t suffer due to human overuse.

Description of research:

My research seeks to better understand the phenomena of saltwater intrusion, or the further movement inland of saltwater. As a process that occurs both chronically and as acute stochastic events, my work involves comparing saltwater intrusion across timescales as well as understanding how human landscape alteration influences saltwater intrusions ability to move inland, with an ultimate understanding of how this impacts landscape vulnerability. This interdisciplinary work couples high frequency data collection and empirical analysis with geospatial analysis and remote sensing.


Neville, J. A., Emanuel, R. E., Nichols, E. G., & Vose, J. (2021). Extreme flooding and nitrogen dynamics of a blackwater river. Water Resources Research, 57, e2020WR029106.

Contact Information: