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Michelle Jewell

Communications & Engagement Manager


David Clark Labs, 127M


Michelle has worked in multi-faceted, interdisciplinary roles within academic, non-profit, and tourism centers. She has a background in zoology and regularly works with popular media science outlets like National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Her main zoology-related research interests are predator-prey systems and their relationships with climate change, trophic cascades, and migration channels, whereas her communication-related research interests are understanding how the feedback loops of algorithms further entrench or expand our beliefs about our roles in the “natural” world. Michelle is also the president of the Science Communicators of North Carolina – the second largest professional society for science communicators in the USA. 

Michelle will oversee SE CASC communications efforts, providing increased capacity to promote SE CASC science results as well as to enhance communication and engagement among project teams.


MSc. Zoology University of Cape Town

BSc. Zoology Michigan State University


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