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Symposium Products

The NCSU Global Change Symposium was designed to focus on community building and networking among those in the NCSU community who deal with aspects of global change in their research, teaching, and extension or who are interested to enhance this area of their work. There were opportunities for faculty and staff to introduce themselves using a template of summary information, short verbal introductions, and posters descriptive of their work and interests. This word cloud visualizes the tag words that registrants used to describe their interests.

Faculty Snapshots

Faculty were asked to provide a single-page Snapshot profile that gives a summary description of their research, teaching, and/or outreach activities, and also provides some jumping-off points for collaborations and connections, as well as a picture. You can see the Snapshots, combined into two pdf files, below:

Participants’ Posters

View some of the posters presented by faculty and graduate students below.

State Climate Office of North Carolina: A Public Service Center for Climate-Environment Interactions – View poster here.

Chemically Modified Biopolymers for High Volume Industrial Applications – View poster here.

Change Thinking, Change Working, Change the World – View poster here.

Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration with Conservation Agricultural Systems – View poster here.

Non-science Majors’ Views on Climate Change Over Time – View poster here.

Using Climate and Genetic Diversity Data to Prioritize Conservation Seed Banking – View poster here.

Southern Foresters’ Observations of Climate Change: What, Where, and Implications for Continuing Education – View poster here

Forest carbon, water and energy dynamics under environmental and land use change – View poster here.

Engaging Communities in Global Change Planning & Decision-Making – View poster here.

Students and Post docs:

Expert/Novice Differences in Graph Reading: Implications for Climate Change Communication – View poster here.

Urban Warming Benefits an Herbivorous Pest and Reduces Street Tree Condition – View poster here.

Ensemble Creation of Multiple Downscaled Climate Projections – View poster here.

Utilizing Probabilistic Downscaling Methods to Develop Streamflow Forecasts from Climate Forecasts – View poster here.

What can global climate-biosphere models learn from ecophysiological field data? – View poster here.

Supporting Efforts to Build Climate-Resilient Tribal Communities in the SE US – View poster here.

A Comparison of High Resolution Regional Climate Model Precipitation Output for Puerto Rico – View poster here

Group Brainstorming Discussion Themes

Another purpose of the Global Change Symposium was to encourage discussion about the important research and other themes that are evident when considering the range of work being done at NCSU in interdisciplinary areas related to global change. Some of the topics that emerged during brainstorming group discussions after each of the two poster sessions are summarized here: BrainstormingGlobalChangeThemes.

Table Discussion Notes

During a working lunch, each table at the Symposium was given a set of questions for discussion by the group. The questions were:

  • What are the key themes of global change research/teaching/extension that are emerging at NCSU?
  • What specific steps could the University take, short of providing money, to enhance the global change community on campus?
  • Identify one specific project idea or collaboration that members of your table would be interested to join.

Notes from the individual table discussions are consolidated here: GlobalChangeSymposiumTableNotes.