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Department of the Interior Nature-Based Solutions Roadmap

Atlanta, Midtown. Credit: Alan Cressler, USGS

Project Information

Principal Investigator: Lydia Olander (Duke University)
Project Start: April 2023
Proposed Project Completion: March 2024
Implements Science Plan Theme: Adaptation
Katie Warnell (Duke University)
Sara Mason (Duke University)
Sara Ward (US Fish and Wildlife Service)


Nature-based solutions provide benefits to both nature and people, simultaneously addressing the issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. The Department of the Interior (DOI) manages more than 480 million acres of natural and working lands in the United States, presenting a significant opportunity to leverage nature-based solutions to contribute to greenhouse gas reduction targets, equitably build ecosystem and community resilience, and deliver additional co-benefits for ecosystems and people. This project created a DOI Nature-based Solutions Roadmap document to provide consistent and accessible information about the broad range of nature-based strategies.

The DOI Nature-based Solutions Roadmap includes general information to support implementation of nature-based solutions, such as community engagement, Indigenous Knowledges, and adaptive management. It also includes detailed summaries for 29 specific nature-based solutions strategies identified as relevant to DOI goals, which address technical approaches, expected benefits, example projects from throughout the United States, and links to additional tools, training, and resources. The Roadmap will be used to support the work of DOI staff in the implementation of nature-based solutions to benefit both nature and people.