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Elizabeth Warren

Global Change Fellow Alumna | Anthropology/Archaeology | North Carolina State University

2012 – 2013 Global Change Fellow

Where Are They Now?

Elizabeth is pursuing a venture in the brewing industry.

Statement of Purpose:

I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Biological Anthropology under the direction of Dr. Troy Case. My main research focus is on unlocking the information anthropologists can obtain from craniometric measurements of the human skull. Upon completing my degree at NCSU I hope to go on to a doctoral program to eventually seek a position within academia and continue contributing to anthropological research.

Description of Research:

My research focus is on cranial measurements from a Native American site associated with the Zuni culture from New Mexico. The Hawikku village site at the focus of this study is located in the Zuni Mountains on the Colorado Plateau near the Arizona-New Mexico Boarder. Native Americans, from the Zuni Culture, occupied the area for approximately 300 years (~AD1350-1680). The individuals excavated form this site were found in 10 spatially desecrate burial “mounds”. Using craniometric data and pattern profile analysis my research goal is to provide evidence of relatedness within the culture as well as evidence of the usefulness of pattern profile analysis to answer anthropological questions.

Contact Information: