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Science Planning and Implementation

Science at the Southeast CASC is supported primarily through research funding provided directly by USGS through calls for proposals, directed projects, and support for SE CASC staff scientists. Science is also supported through funding via the University host agreement to investigators in our Consortium and to the Global Change Research Fellows program.

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Science Planning and Funding Decisions

Each year the Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center receives congressionally appropriated funds from the USGS National Climate Adaptation Science Center to conduct or support strategically important scientific activities that also address tactical priorities. Final funding decisions are made by the SE CASC federal director.

Science Priorities and Principles of Operation for the SE CASC, developed in consultation with our Science Advisory Committee (SAC) in 2018, currently guide SE CASC science funding decisions.  The SAC includes members that represent the interests and priorities of key federal, state, and tribal partners working on climate change adaptation in the Southeast, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, NOAA, the U.S. Forest Service, State fish and wildlife agencies, and Tribal Nations. In general, all projects funded by the SE CASC address decision-focused interests of stakeholders and develop methods, data, or interpretive information usable at landscape and regional scales.

Read the Executive Summary of Science Priorities and Principles of Operations (2018-2023)

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