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March 29 3:30 pm Seminar: Integrating Ecosystem Services into Decision Making

Please join the Southeast Climate Science Center Global Change Fellows for the third Global Change Seminar of the semester.

‘As the world population continues to grow, more resources are needed to provide food, water, and other necessities’ – Nicholas Institute

Join in a conversation about how ecosystem services can be integrated into policies and management decisions and help conserve resources for future generations.  Ecosystem services are functions provided by our natural environment that benefit human populations.  Such services include water filtration provided by our wetlands and carbon sequestration provided by our forests.  Unfortunatelyoften many of these services are not valued or acknowledged in the decision making processes that govern the future of our planet.  How can valuing ecosystem services be used as a means to conserve future resources?  To learn more come hear from Dr. Lydia Olander (Director of Ecosystem Services Program at Duke) and Dr. Mark Borsuk (Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke).  Dr. Olander leads the National Ecosystem Partnership and will share her perspective on integrating ecosystem services into policy.  Dr. Borsuk, an expert in climate change assessment through risk analysis, game theory, and agent-based modeling, will share his perspective on how modeling can inform ecosystem services and their valuation in decision making. We invite you to listen, discuss, and explore these questions with our expert panel. Please come with any questions or points of discussion.

Dr. Lydia Olander (Director of Ecosystem Services Program, Nicholas Institute, Duke University)
Dr. Mark Borsuk (Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University)

The seminar will be held on Thursday 29 March 3:30-4:30pm in David Clark Labs, Rm 101.

Refreshments will be served ~3:15 pm. To reduce waste, please bring your own mug!

Please send us your feedback and questions using this link:

Note that you can listen in to the panel discussion remotely via this WebEx meeting link. The Meeting Number and Access code are both 995 409 154; no password is required.