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Introducing the New SE CASC Logo

The new SE CASC logo was designed in 2022 by National CASC intern Ámbar Torres Molinari with input from SE CASC staff. Ámbar served as a 2020-21 SE CASC Global Change Fellow and recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology from NC State University. 

The logo will begin replacing our current SE CASC logo and serves to represent our position at the forefront of climate adaptation research in the southeastern United States.

The sunset gradation featured in the background evokes our warming climate and the overall colors are a nod to the climate stripes graphic created by Dr. Ed Hawkins at University of Reading.

The icon also represents physiographic elements of the Southeast CASC footprint that range from coastal communities and habitats to mountainous regions, as well as increasing sea levels.

In the foreground you can see two longleaf pine trees, an iconic species in the Southeast. Much of its range runs through the sandhills and provides habitat for keystone species such as the red-cockaded woodpecker and the gopher tortoise. 

The hexagonal shape enclosing the design is also featured by our regional CASCs, highlighting the cross-boundary nature of much of our work. 

Please contact Cari Furiness ( with any questions about using our icon. Please do not change the color of the icon or the aspect ratio of the image.

Download the SE CASC logo.