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Darian Ng

Graduate Student | Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences | North Carolina State University

2023 – 2024 Global Change Research Fellow

Statement of purpose:

I was inspired by my professor at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Sara Knox, and became fascinated with research surrounding wetlands as nature-based solutions to climate change. I went on to complete a Master of Science in UBC’s Micrometeorology lab and have since loved the interdisciplinary and hands-on nature of wetland carbon research.

I understand that the impacts of climate change are not the same for everybody, but with stronger signs and evidence of climate change surfacing every year, I am hopeful that more common ground can be reached among us, and we will be able to make faster progress towards addressing global climate needs.

Description of research:

I’m interested in improving our understanding of carbon dynamics in wetlands. My MSc surrounded the investigation of methane emissions in freshwater wetlands. Going into my PhD, I am interested in furthering this research to study carbon sequestration and emissions in coastal wetlands.

Contact Information:


Faculty Advisor:

Camilo Rey-Sanchez (Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, NCSU)