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Archived SE CASC Funding Opportunities

FY12  |  FY13&14  |  FY15  |  FY16  |  FY17  |  FY18  |  FY19  |  FY20

Funding Year 2012

FY12 highlighted the 6 themes from the original science plan

  • Science Theme 1: Develop climate projections and determine appropriate projections to use for resource management,
  • Science Theme 2: Land use and land cover change projections,
  • Science Theme 3: Impacts of climate change on water resources,
  • Science Theme 4: Ecological research and modeling,
  • Science Theme 5: Impacts of climate change on coastal and nearshore marine environments, and,
  • Science Theme 6: Impacts of climate change on cultural-heritage resources

Funding Years 2013 & 2014

FY13 & 14 were combined announcements. Research priorities included:

Funding Year 2015

FY15 research priorities:

Funding Year 2016

FY16 – no funding opportunity released

Funding Year 2017

FY17 – no funding opportunity released

Funding Year 2018

FY18 – no funding opportunity released, but updated science themes were announced:

  • Exposure: Improve partner understanding of what climate and land use change processes and associated biophysical stressors will look like on the land and water they manage.
  • Impacts: Improve partner understanding of ecosystem, habitat, and species impacts of climate and land use change, as well as the understanding of how these changes affect resources of specific concern to resource managers.
  • Adaptation: Increase partner understanding of, and access to, practical guidance for framing and making smart climate and land use change adaptation decisions.

Funding Year 2019

FY19 research priorities:

  • Risk analysis and visualization to support FWS at-risk species assessment
  • Ecohydrology and impacts to freshwater aquatic species and habitat
  • Evaluation of actionable science
  • Climate impacts and adaptation to support Tribal sovereign management of natural resources
  • Evaluation of models for predicting future coastal marsh conditions

Funding Year 2020

FY20 research priorities: