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A. Brad Murray

Professor, Duke University

SE CASC Co-Principal Investigator

Area(s) of Expertise

Murray, a geomorphologist, studies how Earth-surface environments are shaped, and how they change over time, especially in response to changing forcing (climate and land use). Most of his recent research focuses on coastal environments, and much of it addresses couplings between physical and ecological processes, and couplings between natural and human dynamics. Murray’s recent research foci include: 1) how coastlines are shaped and reshaped over time, including the effects of changing storm climates; 2) how coastal barriers and back-barrier marshes and bays respond to changing rates of sea-level rise and changing storm impacts; and 3) how couplings between human actions (e.g. measures to mitigate storm hazards) and natural processes (e.g. storms that shape barriers) affect the joint future states of coastal communities and the landscapes and ecosystems they depend on.