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Abu SMG Kibria

Postdoctoral Research

Southeast CASC

Area(s) of Expertise

I am a data scientist researching econometric modeling for sustainable development by using big data obtained from both internal and third-party vendors. It is my passion to use big data to create solutions for economic, environmental, and social problems. My primary research focus is the econometric modeling of forest ecosystem services and implications for human wellbeing in the face of various environmental and anthropogenic threats. I have published articles on ecosystem services, wildfire management in desert ecosystem, climate resilience of coastal areas, invasive species prevention, participatory forestry, wildlife ecotourism, and economic analysis of indigenous land uses in multiple international locations, including the U.S., Cambodia, and Bangladesh. I am currently working on the project, “Examining Diverse Management Objectives and Broadening Stakeholder Engagement for Climate Adaptation Planning of Historic Structures Stewarded by the National Park Service (NPS)”. This project aims to advance a decision support framework, the Optimal Preservation (OptiPres) Model, designed to inform adaptation planning of historic buildings vulnerable (inundation, deterioration, destruction) to climate outcomes and impacts from sea-level rise and storm-related flooding and erosion. Our approach entails working with key stakeholders to identify additional management objectives based on post-hurricane (Florence and Dorian) recovery efforts and broaden stakeholder engagement in the park's sustainable management.