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Charlotte Lee

Climate Adaptation Postdoctoral Fellow

Southeast CASC

Area(s) of Expertise

I am a Climate Adaptation Postdoctoral Fellow with the SE CASC as part of the Future of Aquatic Flows cohort. My current focus is exploring changes in the freshwater/saltwater interface and its impacts to aquatic species under future climate scenarios (project description here). My background is in interdisciplinary ecological sciences & engineering, geospatial information science, and environmental geoscience - with a focus on hydrologic sciences. In my graduate research, I used hydrologic modeling to study regional patterns in volume and timing of agricultural subsurface (tile) drainflow across the Midwest both historically and under future climate change scenarios. I also studied how subsurface drainage and drainage water management practices impact streamflow. I am interested in developing actionable science with partners and stakeholders that can be used to enhance our understanding of spatial and temporal variability in hydrologic drivers and mechanisms to improve best management practices, use, and resilience of water resources.