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Catherine (Kasia) Nikiel

Climate Impacts Postdoctoral Scholar

Southeast CASC

Area(s) of Expertise

My interest in the impacts of hurricanes led me to pursue Civil Engineering at Rice University where I was able to study coastal protection strategies, urban stormwater management, and the challenges that climate change imposes on these systems. My graduate work focused more on the impacts of climate change at the regional level and particularly on interactions between agriculture, climate, and water, with a focus on the Central United States. My current research activities include the impacts of agricultural development on regional climate and water availability and the impacts of climate change on humid heat patterns. I am interested in learning more about monitoring and prediction of extreme hydrologic events, how to integrate climate and ecological data, how communities can adapt to and plan for changes in the mean and variability of hydrologic variables, and about best practices for communicating climate knowledge for direct application and decision-making.