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Sankar Arumugam

Professor and University Faculty Scholar, NC State University

Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

SE CASC Co-Principal Investigator, Phase 2

Area(s) of Expertise

Dr. Arumugam’s primary research interest lies in the area of climate-water-energy nexus with a focus on understanding, modeling and forecasting large-scale climate information for improving water and energy management. In this context, Dr. Arumugam has developed both physical and stochastic models in hydroclimatology and also stochastic optimization models for improving water and energy management incorporating climate information. Dr. Arumugam is also interested in utilizing near-term climate change information for developing planning and management models to improve freshwater sustainability. Currently, Dr. Arumugam is leading a NSF project on Water Sustainability and Climate that focuses on assessing the impacts of hydro-ecology over the Sunbelt under near-term climate change.