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Southeast Global Change Monitoring Portal

The Southeast Global Change Monitoring Portal (GCMP) aims to support the efforts of multiple federal, state, regional, tribal and other organizations by providing a centralized, comprehensive catalog of observational networks associated with aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the southeastern United States that may be influenced by global change processes.

The GCMP database consolidates metadata-information about data-for measurements made by monitoring programs, and the locations where data are collected, when available. The GCMP portal allows displaying and searching by different geographic criteria and by the type of measurement data collected by a network. Information about how to access the observational data is included.

Learn more about the features and functions of the Global Change Monitoring Portal by viewing this Tutorial.
The GCMP has completed its first phase of development but can still be populated with new and updated program and site information. Do you work for or know of a group that makes biological, chemical, or physical observations in air, land, or water in the Southeast? Let others know about your monitoring efforts through the GCMP.
Want to contribute?
If you are a monitoring program representative, please contact Cari Furiness for a simple spreadsheet upload template. If you are aware of corrections to information currently in the GCMP or know of a monitoring project that should be included, please also contact Cari Furiness at the Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center.
UPDATE: The GCMP graphical user interface and database are currently offline. The portal URL will be updated and relinked once a new hosting option is established.