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Ryann Rossi

Global Change Fellow Alumna | Department of Applied Ecology | North Carolina State University

2016-2017 Global Change Fellow

Where are they now?

Ryann is an ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow with Gulf Ecosystem Measurement and Modeling Division of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Statement of purpose:

Coastal ecosystems are critical habitats providing myriad of ecosystem services and functions. Yet, these ecosystems face many challenges as a result of global change. As such understanding how multiple stressors, including global change, shape and control these ecosystems is critical for future management. In particular, I focus on how abiotic and biotic stressors may interact to drive coastal ecosystem functioning.

Description of research:

Mangrove trees are foundation species that are critical to coastal ecosystems. My research program is focused on how multiple stressors shape mangrove forests and contribute to die-offs of these systems. In this particular mangrove die-off, multiple stressors including herbivory, plant disease and unfavorable abiotic conditions (e.g., increased salinity) appear to be interacting to drive the die-off. As such, my goal is to understand how these various agents interact to drive mangrove die-off. I am using geospatial analysis, field experiments and lab experiments to elucidate how these multiple stressors drive this mangrove die-off. I also engage and work with local NGOs and stakeholders to increase community involvement in research while also striving to inform scientists, stakeholders, and policy makers how mangroves may become susceptible to climatic events as a result of multiple stressors already pressuring the system. This research aligns with three of the science themes from the SECSC Science Plan: Theme 2: Land Use and Land-Cover Change Projections, Theme 4: Ecological research and modeling, and Theme 5: coastal and nearshore environments.

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