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April 12 3:30 pm Seminar: The Risks and Rewards of Science Advocacy

Please join the Southeast Climate Science Center Global Change Fellows for the fourth Global Change Seminar of the semester.

The Risks and Rewards of Science Advocacy

When should scientists speak their minds, and how should they do so? At what point do scientists exit the labs and venture into the streets?

Scientists have been itching for a discussion on these existential questions… Inaction from policymakers, as well as their unwillingness to use scientific evidence as a guide for decision making, have frustrated the scientific community to the point where they have stepped into the messy discussions, contacted their elected officials, participated in communication workshops, marched onto the streets, and even run for public office.

As scientists move forward into these unfamiliar realms… what do they risk? What do they gain? Does this level of civic participation hurt their causes? Do scientists have an obligation to fight misinformation and defend their fellow citizens from various dangers? What are scientists doing correctly? What are they doing now that maybe they shouldn’t be doing?

This panel discussion is designed to address these kinds of questions, and to offer insight to current and prospective science advocates and activists. We invite you to listen, discuss, and explore these questions with our expert panel. Please come with your questions or points of discussion.

Dr. Chris Frey (Glenn E. Futrell Distinguished University Professor, NC State Department of Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering)
Mr. Bill Holman (North Carolina State Director, The Conservation Fund)
Dr. Katie Mack (Leadership in Public Science Cluster, NC State Department of Physics)
Dr. Martha Reiskind (Coordinator of Academic Programs, NC State Department of Applied Ecology)

The seminar will be held on Thursday, 12 April, 3:30 – 4:30pm in David Clark Labs, Rm 101.

Refreshments will be served ~3:15 pm. To reduce waste, please bring your own mug!

Please send us your feedback and questions using this link.

Note that you can listen in to the panel discussion remotely via this WebEx meeting link. The Meeting Number and Access code are both 999 894 245; no password is required.