NCA4 Webinar Presentation Recordings

The presentations in this six-part webinar series take an intensive look at the Southeast, Tribes and Indigenous Peoples, and U.S. Caribbean chapters of the NCA4, Volume II.

What is the National Climate Assessment?

The National Climate Assessment (NCA) is a federally mandated scientific assessment that evaluates current and projected climate change related effects across the U.S. every four years. The fourth edition of the NCA was released in 2017, titled  NCA4 Volume I: Climate Science Special Report (CSSR). The CSSR provides in-depth analysis on the foundational physical science of climate change upon, while the NCA4 Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States, released in 2018, provides a detailed assessment of those impacts.

This six-part webinar series will take an intensive look at Chapter 19 of the NCA4, Volume II: The Southeast, Chapter 15: Tribes and Indigenous Peoples, and Chapter 20: U.S. Caribbean. The topic of each webinar will be focused on one of the key messages outlined in the Southeast chapter and findings and case studies from the Tribes and Indigenous Peoples chapter relevant to the Southeast.

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NCA4 Webinar Series Presentations