Jin Bai

Graduate Student | Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources | North Carolina State University

2020 - 2021 Global Change Fellow

Statement of purpose:

I am a new Ph.D. student advised by Dr. Madhusudan Katti in the department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at North Carolina State University. I have studied avian homing behavior in different gradients of urban landscapes. My Ph.D. research will continue to focus on urban ecology and how urban landscape feature affects avian movement patterns. Urban green space provides crucial ecosystem services and gives people opportunities to interact with nature. As land-use change rapidly increasing, it is crucial to study the potential influence of urbanization on avian movement patterns.

Description of research:

I am interested in studying the urbanization effects on avian population connectivity using measurements of functional connectivity and structural connectivity. The study of avian movement patterns can help understand how individuals in the ecosystem respond to land-use change. The study will show the movement gaps in urban areas where birds have difficulties crossing those barriers. This research will not only provide understandings of urbanization effect on avian communities but also providing insights to help policy and decision-makers on urban green space planning. This research aligns with DOI Priorities 1. Creating a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt.

Contact Information:

Email: jbai5@ncsu.edu