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Katie McQuillan

Graduate Student | Center for Geospatial Analytics | NC State University

2019-20 Global Change Fellow

Where are they now?

Katie is a Graduate Student Research Assistant at North Carolina State University in the College of Natural Resources

Statement of purpose:

I am a first year PhD student in the Geospatial Analytics Center working with Dr. Katie Martin. I am interested in using geospatial problem solving to investigate the impacts of climate change, land use change, and urbanization on forest ecosystems. Broadly, my research focuses on how the distribution and ecosystem function of forests and vegetation protect and sustain water resources for people and biodiversity now and into the future.

Description of research:

Understanding how climate change, land use change, and urbanization are impacting forested watersheds is essential to preserving forest ecosystem services and managing water resources. Evapotranspiration is a key hydrologic variable in assessing forest functioning and health. My research will look into assessments of remotely sensed evapotranspiration in forested watersheds experiencing rapid urbanization to understand vegetation water use in forests and beyond. I will use the MODIS ET product to conduct a spatiotemporal analysis of the impacts of climate change and urbanization on evapotranspiration in southern Appalachian watersheds. This research aligns with DOI Priorities 1. Creating a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt.

Contact Information: