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Kathryn Jewell

Graduate Student | Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources | North Carolina State University

2020 – 2021 Global Change Fellow

Where are they now?

Kathryn is working as a social scientist at the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Statement of purpose:

I am a second-year Masters student working with Dr. Nils Peterson. At a broad scale, I am interested in what people care about in terms of conservation, and climate change. I aim to develop a baseline of the perception of wildlife conservation challenges by interviewing the decision makers, the directors and commissioners of wildlife agencies. My work will fill the gap of what decision makers think, as groups of stakeholders of the agencies have been identified and studied. Further, this will show how wildlife agencies are working to address climate change, or not. It is my hope that we, as humans, can make a measurable difference in our environment, and promote sustainability for the generations to come.

Description of research:

My research is focused around identifying past, present and future conservation challenges as told by the directors and board members of wildlife agencies in the Southeast United States. Thus far, funding has been the primary issue in the last thirty years and into today. However, climate change was not listed by many as a challenge, and so, I have conducted more interviews to gain the perception of why not.

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