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Smitom Borah

Graduate Student | Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering | North Carolina State University

2021 – 2022 Global Change Fellow

Statement of purpose:

I am a Ph.D. student working with Dr. Daniel Obenour in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at NC State. My research interest lies in modeling the biogeochemical processes related to eutrophication in inland water systems and understanding how different management strategies as well as climate change can affect these processes. My keen interest in biogeochemical modeling has its roots in my master’s program that allowed me to experience firsthand how changes in the land use patterns and climate over the years can negatively affect civilization and wildlife in a deteriorating wetland. These experiences made me realize that to design effective restoration of an ecosystem, there must be strong local leadership and a proper mechanism to transfer technical know-how to practical implementation. I wish to build a career in academia and work closely with governmental agencies and the public to develop sustainable solutions to several water quality problems.

Description of research:

I plan to understand various underlying processes in the aquatic environments that influence water quality using different computer-based models, incorporating stochastic methods for uncertainty quantification and Bayesian inference. These models can be used both as investigative tools and forecasting tools. By using them as investigative tools, I will be able to study how changes in the climatic conditions and watershed management practices affect lakes and coastal systems in the eastern US. On the other hand, when used as forecasting tools, I will be able to assess the efficacy of various mitigation strategies to adopt the best feasible strategy for these systems. My research will help natural resources managers and local communities develop efficient mitigation strategies to adapt to the changing climate.

Contact Information:


Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Daniel Obenour (Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, NCSU)

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